Uncovering the background history of any UK registered vehicle


Get a Car Check For Free

Buying a new car is in the top three most expensive purchases for most UK motorists.

With almost 30 years of auto sales experience, we find that most car buyers feel uncertain buying a vehicle that is going to be a reliable, sound investment. CarVeto provides a number of services that help motorist make a wise purchase.

The service begins with a free car check that instantly loads vehicle information, road tax and mot status and the costs to tax, export status and the askMID motor insurance check. This car check is freely available for any UK registered car.

Data from our free car checks are derived from DVLA and DVSA.

Investigating the full history of a used car

At its launch, our service offered a single, premium Platinum check that discloses all available online information for any car.

In June 2019, we decided to launch a mid-range check that shares the majority of car history but omits car finance information (outstanding car finance). This has become our Gold car check.

How the suits of car checks can be used when buying a car

Always begin with a VRM (vehicle registration number) and access the free car data check. This allows users to confirm basic vehicle details whilst ensuring the car is held in legal status with DVLA.

Gold is designed for use before viewing the car. This check will help eliminate the possibilities of a stolen car or one that has been involved in a major accident resulting in write-off status.

If this check flags any such warnings you may consider rejecting the car at initial stages.

Platinum must be used after viewing the car but before buying. This check includes all of the car data previously mentioned and an outstanding finance check (this information is sourced via Experian and includes a data guarantee of up to £30,000.

Criteria of a Warning or failed CarVeto check

It is strongly recommended that you do not buy a car that is listed with the following
  • Insurance category write-off status
  • If the car has been stolen
  • If the car has mileage problems*
  • If the car has outstanding finance such as Hire Purchase or Contract Hire Purchase

The mileage check offered here applies to vehicles that are 3 years old or more. There is a flag for mileage inconsistencies resulting in MOT history that results in a Warning check status.

In all cases, it is best practice to investigate a mileage problem before laying some kind of cash deposit or buying the vehicle in full.

Mileage problems occur for a number of reasons that include:
  • A milometer replacement due to the faulty or broken part
  • Mileage reduction – where the miles were reduced to increase resell value
If there was a milometer replacement, expect to see full, documented history including:
  • A workshop where the work was carried out
  • The technician who completed the works
  • Mileage of car prior to replacement clocks
  • Date of change
  • Invoices that include labour charges and cost of parts

Ideally, this work has been carried out by a Franchised, supplying dealership.

Used car buying guide

The Platinum check includes a detailed guide on buying a used car that is genuine and of good value. The information contained in this guide is founded on 29 years of extensive, frontline motoring experience within car dealerships.

The combination of Platinum and the robust CarVeto buying guide arms today's car buyers with the information needed to buy a great, long lasting car.